Project 1 -Menagerie or Ambiguous Space

For this assignment in Design for Media students are to choose between a Menagerie (a collection of 3-5 creations related by color/design/purpose) or an Ambiguous Space (creation of images ambigous in structure) with personal freedom in the media execution( photo, film, illustation, etc.)

The topic or object was easy for me to decide on since I’ve been wanting to do a project with eye ware/glasses for awhile now, but I’m still not entirely sure whether I want to settle on creating a Menagerie of glasses designs, or a more abstract piece to create an Ambiguous space.

First step of my process, however, was to look up previous advertisements for glasses to draw inspiration. I found vintage illustrations the most interesting because of the vivid colors and unique compositions.


1960s Polaroid Glasses ad


Plan59, 20th Century Illustration, Cosmetan Calobar Sunglasses


1960’s Sunoroid glasses ad.

After getting some reference, I started sketching different possible compositions of my own with a focus on repetition.


Images (from left to right)1,2,5 are intended for menagerie, and the rest are more abstract ideas.

Bellow are some examples of finished work to give people an idea of my personal art style.



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