Project 1- Development part 1

Out of the series of sketches I made last week I decided to settle on the design with a variety of eye wear instead of just glasses. From there, I spent some time at the library and online looking at the work from other artists for some inspiration. For this project, I want my image to have a more graphic instead of painterly style since I’ll be doing it digitally.

The first thing I came across that inspired me was a graphic novel by Richard McGuire called ‘Here.’ It’s a story about the history of a house shown in a variety of panels. I especially liked the way props where colored in this story since they are vary similar to the look I’m after with my project.

The other artist, or in this case group, I came across is Groovision. This japanese ‘brand’ has very isometric and graphic designs. They mostly do alot of animation work, which made me think of the possibility of turning my own illustration into a simple gif to add visual interest.

Once deciding on an art style and looking up some illustrations, I decided to play around with the composition of the panels in my original sketch and start thinking about color pallets.


I’m aiming for each design to have a different pallet. #1 warm, with reds and yellows. #2 cool with blues and grays. #3 is yet undecided, but brown and white will definitely be present.


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